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Boston Globe, 6/24/07: At Scutra, fine cuisine is a labor of love

"I arrived at Didier Baugniet's kitchen at Scutra the same time as one of his frequent deliveries, and my jaw dropped when I saw what he was inspecting: 6-inch shrimp in an eye-popping bright blue."    Read the full article

Arlington Advocate, 9/2/04: Busa Farms and Scutra -- sharing common ground

"On this August morning, Fran Busa has met Didier Baugniet in the field as he does at least four mornings a week to help Baugniet select produce for his Arlington restaurant, Scutra. Scutra buys about 90 percent of the produce for its inventive European menu from Busa Farms."   Read the full article (including a recipe for Red Cabbage Slaw)

Arlington Advocate, 7/15/04: Scutra: A cozy European restaurant

"Since July 2002, Didier and his wife, Cesidia (Cid), have owned Scutra, a small, cozy restaurant with European ambiance and menu. Although it is located at the corner of Mill and Summer streets, away from the hustle and bustle of Mass. Ave., the couple are proving a restaurant at this location can succeed."

Boston Globe, 10/31/02: Psst! Arlington has a European secret

"There's something irresistible about a secret. Dedicated diners love to find a hidden or little-known restaurant and make it their favorite haunt, savoring the chef's talents with a few close friends while hinting about the find to a larger audience. Of course, the only thing more irresistible than having a secret is telling it."   Read the full review


Arlington Advocate, 9/1/09: A question & answer with Scutra's Louie Paparella   Read the full article

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