Pleasures of the Glass

 French Fizz 11

Sparkling Cava-X Rated Vodka (Passion Fruit, Mango, Mingling, Blood Orange)

Newgroni  12

Beefeater Gin-Campari-St. Germain

Scutra’s Sidecar  13

Salignac Cognac-Cointreau-Peach Puree-Fresh Lime

Bramble 13

Tanqueray Gin -Fresh Lemon- Cassis Liquor - Strawberry Puree

Basil Vous Plaît  13

Smirnoff Vodka-Berry Puree-Cranberry Juice-Fresh Basil and Lemon

Spy Pond Sour 12

Seagrams Spiced Whiskey-St. Germaine-House Sour Mix-Fresh Rosemary

Brians’s Famous ESPRESSO MARTINI 11


The Townie 12

Bluecoat Gin-Limonata Soda-Fresh Lemon and Lime

 Le Pamplemousse  13

Beefeater Gin-St Germain-Grapefruit Bitters-Grapefruit Juice-Fresh Lime

Scutra’s Marg 12 Exotica Tequila- Cointreau- Fresh Lime- Agave Nectar

Add Puree: Strawberry, Peach or Wild Berry  1.50

Su’bourbon 13

Wild Turkey Bourbon - Sandeman Ruby Porte- Walnut Bitters- Maraschino Syrup


Domestic and Local Bottle Offering

Downeast Cider House Can ‘Unfiltered Apple Ale’, Boston, MA (5.1%)  6.5

 Cisco Sankaty Light ‘ Light Crisp Larger’ Nantucket, MA ( 3.8%) 5

Sam Adams Boston Lager ‘Golden Amber Lager’, Boston, MA (4.9%)  4.75

C.B.C. Flower Child Can ’American IPA’. Cambridge, MA (6.5%) 7

Allagash Saison ‘Belgian Style Ale’, Portland, ME (6.1%)  7

Down the Road Dreamtime Tall Can ‘ Hazy N.E. Style IPA’. Everett, MA (7%) 8

Allagash White ‘Belgian Style White Ale’, Portland, ME (5.0%)  7

Ipswich Route IA Tall Can ‘ Double IPA’, Ipswich, MA (8%) 9

Ommengang Abbey Ale ‘Belgian Style Dubbel’, Cooperstown, NY (8.2%)  8.5

Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout Nitro ‘Mocha Oat Stout’, Longmont, CO (6.0%)  6

Coors Light ‘Light Lager’, Rocky Mountains, CO (4.2%)  4.50

Budweiser ‘American Lager’, St. Louis, MO (4.2%)  4.50

Imported Bottle Offerings

Pilsner Urquell ‘Pilsner’, Pilsen, Czech Republic (4.4%)  8

Corona ‘Light Larger’, Mexico (4.6%) 5

Peroni ‘Premium Lager’, Italy (5.1%)  6

Kaliber ‘Non-Alcoholic’, Ireland  (.05%)  4