Pleasures of the Glass

 French Fizz 11

Sparkling Cava-X Rated Vodka (Passion Fruit, Mango, Mingling, Blood Orange)

 Port Manhattan 13

Maker's Mark Bourbon-Sandeman Ruby Porto-Bitters

Lougroni  12

Beefeater Gin-Campari-St. Germain-Orange Juice

Scutra’s Sidecar  13

Salignac Cognac-Cointreau-Peach Puree-Fresh Lime

Arlington Hot Tea 9

Earl Grey Tea-Wild Turkey Honey-Fresh Lemon-Cloves-Simple Syrup

Basil Vous Plaît  13

Smirnoff Vodka-Berry Puree-Cranberry Juice-Fresh Basil and Lemon

Spy Pond Sour 12

Jeremiah Spiced Bourbon-St. Germaine-House Sour Mix-Fresh Rosemary

Arlington Mule  12

Smirnoff Vodka-Ginger Beer-Fresh Lime and Lemon-Crushed Ice

The Townie 12

Bluecoat Gin-Limonata Soda-Fresh Lemon and Lime

 Le Pamplemousse  13

Beefeater Gin-St Germain-Grapefruit Bitters-Grapefruit Juice-Fresh Lime

 Cucumber Julep 14

Crop Organic Cucumber Vodka-House Simple Syrup-Fresh Mint

Scutra’s Margarita 12

Add Puree: Strawberry, Peach or Wild Berry  1.50

Pomegranate Cosmo 12

Citris Vodka, Cointreau, Fresh Lime and Pom Juice


Domestic and Local Bottle Offering

Downeast Cider House Can ‘Unfiltered Apple Ale’, Boston, MA (5.1%)  6

 Sam Adams Boston Lager ‘Golden Amber Lager’, Boston, MA (4.9%)  4.75

Allagash Saison ‘Belgian Style Ale’, Portland, ME (6.1%)  7

Allagash White ‘Belgian Style White Ale’, Portland, ME (5.0%)  7

Ommengang Abbey Ale ‘Belgian Style Dubbel’, Cooperstown, NY (8.2%)  8.5

Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout Nitro ‘Mocha Oat Stout’, Longmont, CO (6.0%)  6

Coors Light ‘Light Lager’, Rocky Mountains, CO (4.2%)  4.50

Budweiser ‘American Lager’, St. Louis, MO (4.2%)  4.50


Imported Bottle Offerings

Pilsner Urquell ‘Pilsner’, Pilsen, Czech Republic (4.4%)  8

Peroni ‘Premium Lager’, Italy (5.1%)  6

Kaliber ‘Non-Alcoholic’, Ireland  (.05%)  4